"I wanna die with a worn out passport"

Notes From The Road


  1. Peaceful Place
    03 Jun, 2017
    Peaceful Place
    I could write about The Great Wall Of China, The vibrant reefs of The Philippines, The chaotic melee of traffic in Vietnam, the exquisite street food of Bangkok, the otherworldly light-show in Singapore, the ancient ruins in Cambodia, the quaint historic colonial streets of Laos, or the prehistoric rainforests of Malaysia, but I'd rather tell you about a town you've most likely never heard of... Semporna! Semporna, meaning Peaceful Place in the Bajau language, is a seaside port town in the
  2. Going back to Year Zero
    02 May, 2017
    Going back to Year Zero
    When I was a young punk at the tender young age of 16, I first heard a song called "Holiday in Cambodia" by The Dead Kennedys, then came "Khmer Rouge Boogie" by the Destructors. I thought Cambodia was in Africa, and Khmer Rouge Boogie was a catchy little tune whose lyrics about "going back to the year zero",  I had never thought twice about. Now, half a lifetime later.. here I am sitting in a cafe in Cambodia reflecting on the atrocities I've come to learn about, committed by the Khmer Rouge. I
  3. A Wing, A Torch, A Promise
    26 Apr, 2017
    A Wing, A Torch, A Promise
    Exactly 18 months ago today, I was sitting in a frigid jail cell in San Jose eating a stale Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, and all I could think about was... how that PB&J sandwich compared to all the others I had snacked on in jail. That's right - this had become somewhat routine, and I would rather think about sandwiches than my unraveling life that had spun out of my control. After A long day of making my way back home, I called one of my best friends and confessed to her that I did not
  4. Pillion ang pagmamahal
    17 Apr, 2017
    Pillion ang pagmamahal
    At this point, I can fill up an entire graveyard with the corpses of my former selves. The entrance could could be constructed of a mausoleum to house all your "Don't", "Can't", and "Shouldn't" remarks that died along with me. Donations, as always, would be accepted. You CAN'T walk away from your career you've built over all these years. You SHOULDN'T travel to {insert any country I've traveled to}. The latest incarnation of negative fuckery - DON'T fall in love while on the road. I thought I
  5. Saw Red
    10 Apr, 2017
    Saw Red
    It's my last night in 'Nam and I'm bunkered down in my new favorite watering hole, Cong Caphe. A chain of coffee shops throughout Vietnam - walls are coated with a generous dose of army green paint, GI helmets are repurposed as light shades muting the dimly lit cozy rooms, staff are dressed in VC fatigues armed to the teeth against the daily grind, and I am currently resting my Ca Phe Den Saigon on top of an empty ammunition crate. Yes, my friends, it's safe to say that reminders of war are
  6. World's Apart - Black Hmong Homestay
    07 Apr, 2017
    World's Apart - Black Hmong Homestay
    I rolled into Sapa after an 18 hour bus ride from Hue, and all I had was sleep on my mind. I stumbled off the bus, collected my effects, and  headed down the road to any hostel that would fuel my empty tank and provide safe harbor to rest these weary bones. In front of the main square is where I first met a woman draped in her people's traditional indigo garb with a complimentary green and pink plaid scarf. This woman, who I later came to know as Mama Cho, invited me to come stay with her and
    03 Apr, 2017
    There are entire days on the road where I have felt like nothing more than an empty vessel that is an obstacle between an overly aggressive hawker and my wallet. They wanna tear me into shreds $.44 at a time. It's not like a shark coming out of nowhere to feast upon an unsuspecting surfer's entire leg, but more like 1,000 rodents each coming to take a little nibble. It's a rat race, and everyone's just trying to get their cheese. None of these experiences wold have bankrupted me, or affected my